A quick message from Chair Covers and More

A quick message from Chair Covers and More



By the time you come to consider chair covers preparations are well under way as clearly the date is set and the venue booked! The colour of your table linen is often the key factor in deciding whether to have a white or ivory chair cover before building your accent colours on top with the use of chair cover accessories, such as sashes, tassles, drape hoods, buckles etc. As their popularity has increased so have the range of choices available, with the use of different materials, styles and matching table linens they guarantee your venue is dressed as tastefully as you and your guests.
At Chair Covers and More we are proud to stay ahead with our designs taking inspiration from the catwalks of bridal fashion to the traditional styles that are always popular. Most of our ranges are unique to our company which enable us to give our customers original and customised options. As well as the traditional chair cover styles in varying colours we also have lovely cotton damasks, taffetas, satin, velvets and lycras with matching table linens.


wedding chair cover

Our beautiful showroom allows you to have a dress rehearsal with your chair covers and table linens to ensure the perfect look for your special day. With a vast array of designs available and our bespoke service, there is no limit on what can be achieved, and, with over 5000 chair covers in stock we are confident we will have a suitable chair cover within your budget for your special event. Why not arrange an appointment to come and visit by calling us on 01263 715768 or email us at info@chaircoversandmore.co.uk.