FoolHardy circus return to Wroxham Barns

FoolHardy circus return to Wroxham Barns


The FoolHardy Circus comes to Wroxham Barns

Do you have much planned for August?? Well look no further than Wroxham Barns. The Prophecy tour is back with the newest installment of the show “Happy”….a  Spike Milligan inspired steam punk exploration of silliness, stupidity, the absurd and what makes us laugh. Gags and skills to astound everyone from 4 years old to 104 year olds.


Come and watch ludicrous Lucas do 20 summer saults and 10 winter ones or Cosmo Custard do a handstand, foot stand and an impression of a hat-stand!

The show features the amazing calamity Christo on the Chinese Pole, the extremely talented jugglers ludicrous Lucas and Wobbly Wilson, the awesome prowess of Sue La-La on web spin and silks, the sublime jellyness herself Sara and of course Captain Custard Cosmo the clown and the rest of the FoolHardy clowns.

Sit back and enjoy a roller coaster ride as the show reaches an epic comic finale with a breathtaking splosh routine and daredevil stunt.

Audiences have been thrilled for many years watching the Fools and this year’s show promises to be just as awesome! With of course the odd custard Pie!!!!!

The show runs from August 4th to the 29th with performances at 12am and 2pm entrance is an austerity busting £5 (no shows on 9th, 16th and 17th).

We have some great offers available throughout August and our family rooms are perfect for a little retreat and relaxation before the excitement begins. You can always be assured of a great day out at Wroxham Barns.


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