Norwich and Norfolk Competition Facts

Norwich and Norfolk Competition Facts


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Robert Kett was supposed to have marched right past the entrance to Park Farm Hotel on the way to Ketts Rebelion on 8th July 1549 on the way to Norwich gathering 16000 further people along the way before setting up camp on Mousehold Heath. From Beki.


The Adam and Eve pub is believed to be the oldest pub in the city, with the earliest known reference made in 1249. From Cari.

For 250 years, between 1450-1700 Norwich was known as the second biggest city in England, after London! Key trades in the city were production of woollen cloth (Worstead, in particular), leather goods (belts, footwear and outer clothing) and metal wares (ranging from silver ware and agricultural implements to pins). Wine was also imported from France and the Rhineland and various other luxuries from further afield. From Beth.

In the 19th century, Norwich had one pub for every day of the year. By 1870 there was  670 licensed premises. The Forum is the most popular library in UK. In Norwich we have more park and rides than any other city. We have one of two puppet theatres in the country. Within the city centre apart from London we are the only place to have Debenhams, House of Fraser, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis. The city has the largest open-air market in England. Norwich Castle was the third Norman fortress to be built in England after the Tower of London and Colchester, 98 houses as well as streets and churches were demolished to make room for the castle. More than 175,000 visitors visit the Norwich Castle museum every year. Norwich Castle has the largest collection of British ceramic teapots in the world (3,000) This huge collection of facts is from Amie.

Norwich was the centre of one the most significant rebellions of the Tudor era;  Kett’s Rebellion

This was mainly a response to enclosure of the land in Norfolk. Originally it started in Wymondham on 8th July 1549. This started by rebels destroying the fences put up by wealthy landowners one of their targets was yeoman farmer Robert "Ben" Kett. However instead of resisting the rebels he joined them and offered to lead them. They were joined by 16000 members from Norwich and surrounding areas. The main campaign was on the 21st July and on the 1st August where they stormed Norwich. They defeated a force led by the Marquess of Northampton that had been sent by the government to suppress the uprising. Kett's rebellion ended on 27 August when the rebels were defeated by an army under the leadership of the Earl of Warwick at the Battle of Dussindale. Kett was captured, held in the Tower of London, tried for treason, and hanged from the walls of Norwich Castle on 7 December 1549. From Kieren.

Sixteen Revelations Of Divine Love by Dame Julian of Norwich, written about 1393, is thought to have been the first book in English written by a woman. Norwich is a theatrical city with six theatres, including one of only two puppet theatres in the country. 26% of Norwich’s population falls within the 16-29 age group, compared to a UK average of 18%. From Abigail.

An excellent story from Susan below.norwich-castle

A bad omen or not ? Went to a little coastal bungalow in Happisburgh for our honeymoon - managed to shut my brand new husband's hand in the bedroom door just after we'd arrived. Now years have gone by and the bungalow has fallen over the cliff into the sea. Did the marriage last ? You'll just have to award me the prize and I'll tell you when I see you at your wonderful hotel.

As Norwich is a lovely city and safe place to live my fact is.....Norwich was the first city to abolish public hangings! Bizarre but true....we changed history. From Lindsay




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