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Park Farm Hotel Wedding Show

Sunday 12th November Park Farm Hotel is proud to host our first wedding exhibition in over 10 years.

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September photos

The month of September certainly provided us with a huge selection of customer photos to choose from.

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Meg from Megs Says visits Park Farm Hotel

We invited popular Vlogger and Youtube star Meg from Meg Says to stay with us....

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August was a great month for photos

August saw us receive over 200 entries.....

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Afternoon tea, lunch and dinner can now be booked online

We are pleased to announce you can now book all of your dining requirements with us directly on our website...

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Why you should always book your hotel direct

If you speak to any hotelier about what challenges they are currently facing, most of them will surely mention commission payments to booking sites. Most hotels like us guarantee the best price for your bedroom but we understand that sometimes  being £3 - £4 cheaper is not always enough. So we thought we would explain a little further why it is always best to book direct and how great is the deal you are actually getting from these sites.

Don’t be fooled by discount sites. Most booking sites like, and the many others will display huge discounts for hotels.

These can be very hard to ignore and rely on the fact that everybody likes to get a discount.

The reality of this practice is that usually these discounts are actually based off the highest price the hotel has set for that specific bedroom.

In fact these booking sites will charge a hotel up to 30% for the privilege of you making a reservation through them. In the long term this results in the hotel actual raising its room prices to try and claw back some of this lost revenue.

So for that £200 luxury Executive room you booked the hotel may only receive £140.

Most hotels like us actually offer a cheaper rate than these sites when you book direct .

There are other benefits of booking directly with a hotel.


  • The terms and conditions of the reservation are usually more beneficial when booking directly with the hotel.


  • The reservations team should know the bedrooms like the back of their hands something a third party booking site simply can’t do. “What is the view like?” “Does the room have a bath and shower” “Is this room on the ground floor” just a few of the questions you may want to know.


  • Hotels will not “walk” (an overbooking) a guest who has booked directly with them. However someone who has cost them up to 30% is considered first.


  • Free upgrades! I think you can guess who gets priority here.

  • Hotels that spend less money on commission to third party agents are more likely to reinvest this money into the hotels facilities and staff.

We are obviously biased in this opinion, but hope that the next time you book a hotel room anywhere it encourages you to explore all your options and not just keep feeding the beasts.