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Spring Break Now Available

Our Spring Break is now available....

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Romantic Gifts, Ideas and Overnight Breaks

With the festive period well and truly over, it is now time to start looking ahead to the Month of Love.....

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Children's afternoon tea now available

You can now bring along your little ones to afternoon tea...

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Luxury Lodges Now Open

Aspen and Birch our new luxury lodges are open for guests....

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Norfolk Restaurant Week

Norfolk Restaurant Week is just around the corner....

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Free bedroom upgrades

Have you ever stolen jealous glances at an Executive suite to then find your own bedroom seriously lacking on the luxury and comfort front?

Well look no further than our top tips to increase your chances of bagging a free upgrade at any hotel.

infographic tips for free hotel room upgrade

  1. Don’t book the cheapest room. This rule will apply to most hotels, especially those with several room grades.
  2. If your dates are flexible, you could try and research when the hotel is quieter than normal. Many hotels are close to empty on Sundays (this often applies to us) so for this reason your chance of an upgrade is much higher.
  3. Ask the question. If you don’t ask you don’t get as the saying goes.
  4. Be nice. This sounds like a silly statement, but it couldn’t be truer in hotels. For example couples that arrive and are friendly and chatty with the staff often receive free upgrades as the warm atmosphere rubs off and the check in team will want to ensure they have the nicest stay possible.
  5. Become a regular. Hotels like most businesses, love repeat customers. You are far more likely to receive a free upgrade if you use the hotel repeatedly.
  6. Say why you should get an upgrade. Anniversary, Birthday any special occasion let the check in team know this will always increase your chances.
  7. Book directly with the hotel. This is probably the most important of all our tips. If you book your room through a third party agent such as the hotel will lose up to 30% of your room rate. So for the £100 you paid they only get £70. Hotels should and mostly do, match or offer better room rates when a guest books direct.

So voila there you have it, our top 7 tips to try and wangle a free bedroom upgrade.

P.S don’t forget you are never entitled to a free upgrade, but most hotels love to see their guests enjoying their finest bedrooms so if they have a few available you might just be lucky.