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Hotel reviews- What they mean to us

We sat down and spoke to Michael Bannister, the man in charge of Park Farm Hotel’s online reputation for a little Q and A session.

Q. How are reviews collected and monitored?

A. Park Farm reviews come from several sources including but not limited to: Facebook, TripAdvisor, and our own internal review platform TrustYou.

Reviews from every source online, as you can imagine amounts to a huge chunk of feedback, and with over 2,000 guests on average staying with us each month, this really does add up.

The hotel had to find a solution to effectively monitor and respond to all our customer feedback, and that is where TrustYou really helps. The system basically collates all our reviews and online mentions from thousands of sites and gives us one place to monitor this data and respond. It also gives us the ability to send our own guest surveys to recently departed visitors and then display their reviews directly on our own website. Whether the review is good or bad you will see it on our website. We even display this on our homepage.


Q. What process is taken to ensure any negative issues with a guests stay is resolved quickly and effectively?

A. Using TrustYou we have the ability to setup action alerts so if an overall review score or an individual department is scored particularly low we are instantly alerted via email, in this way we can investigate and contact the guest more promptly.

We hate to think that any guests have had a less than perfect stay with us and for this reason we generally aim to respond to any issues within a few hours (normal office hours)

Park Farm Hotel will often offer a past customer an incentive off a future stay. We find this encourages guests to return and many appreciate the gesture.

Q. How do reviews effect the hotel on a day to day basis?

A. Ha ha they effect my morning coffee.  Myself and a few of the other senior managers receive an email around 6-7am each morning with a little excerpt from any review, Facebook comment, Tweet , Instagram post and pretty much anything else online that has mentioned Park Farm Hotel within the last 24 hours. So some mornings start off great, others…..not so much.


Q. How are reviews used, and are they helpful?

A. We use guest feedback internally to monitor the standards of the hotel and to further our ongoing efforts to improve the level of quality and service we offer. Additional staff training has been implemented following feedback from reliable sources.  We have a big pin board in a staff area of the hotel .We print out a variety of our reviews and put them up for the junior staff to read and discuss. This way they know what they are doing right and any improvement’s that can be made.

We also love to hear what a guest really wants from a hotel break, what is really important to them? Is it that refreshing drink on arrival, or a relaxing massage in our spa?

With such a great mix of visitors there is a lot for us to think about, and often we draw inspiration from past guests feedback, comments and ideas.

For example the hotel offers complimentary water to our departures of the day, when the weather is warm. I think this idea was actually suggested by one of our reviewers.

As you can probably tell, to us a review isn’t just a rating to brag about, it is something that is actually used to measure our performance, improve the standards of service and generate new ideas and fresh approaches to make us stand out from the crowd.

P. S. If you have stayed with us recently and not yet given us your feedback, you have the opportunity of winning a free stay just by clicking this link